When it comes to choosing the right Typography for your brand, all is not as straightforward as it initially seems.

Just like colour, typography has a large influence base on the outcome of your brand identity and decisions should not be taken lightly.

When you arrive at the decision-making point, you will likely have a brand strategy in place. This may include an audience you want to target, a position you want to take in the mind of that audience and a personality you want to adopt in order to resonate with them.

If you have a high-street brand and would like to portray a sense of style and tradition through your brand identity, then a Serif font from the “Didone” era may just have the personality you are looking to corner.

Typography is an art form in and of itself and so, a typeface comes with pre-defined characteristics that you will need to strategically match with the identity you want for your brand.

This infographic will give you a good starting point for your typography considerations for your brand.

iconic fox typography infographic