A brand identity is not a weapon. It’s an arsenal of visual queues.

Your logo is the star player in your team of visual elements, though the star player won’t shine without the team. A brand identity is a team of supporting visual elements that work together to form a look and feel with personality.

When a brand identity is strategically crafted with the intended audience as the core focus, the likelihood of attention and attraction are significantly increased.

| 2.1 | Brand Mark (Logo)

Your logo will become the face of your brand so memorability is key. The style of your logo, including its shape, weight and energy, should be crafted in the fabric of your audience.

| 2.2 | Colour Palette

We look at your audience and your intended position in the market when creating your colour palette. Colour impacts our emotions and perceptions and requires careful selection.

| 2.3 | Typography

Typography has characteristics all of their own. Your brand personality is aligned closely with the typography choice and the selection will be influenced by your market position.

| 2.4 | Image Style

Your image style needs to reflect the brand personality you adopt. Your audience and their aspirations should be captured in this style. Extracting a particular emotion through imagery is key.

Quick Brief

| 2.5 | Graphic Library

Supporting visual elements act as toolbox for your brand, giving you styled icons and graphics that can be applied to any piece of collateral, advertising or social media presence.

| 2.6 | Brand Guidelines

Now that you have an impactful brand identity, consistency is key to its stability. Your brand guidelines are your playbook which ensures consistency thus increasing brand awareness.