Invisible brands are everywhere, you just don’t see them.

Skipping brand strategy is one of the most common mistakes in the business world. Of the vast statistics of failed small businesses, the large majority fail to look at their brand strategically. Instead, they attach a logo, talk at their audience and deem themselves branded.

That’s one approach, though there is a smarter one, as prospering brands will testify.

| 1.1 | Purpose

Your brand purpose is the foundation on which your brand grows. It is the meaningful reason behind why your brand exists and is the first chapter of its story.

| 1.2 | Vision

Where your brand is going needs to be defined. We craft the vision of your future brand to provide not just direction to your story, but also inspiration and motivation.

| 1.3 | Mission

Reaching your future brand only comes with acting on commitments. Your mission outlines the promise your brand commits to in serving your audience along the way.

| 1.4 | Values

Brand Values determine the moral priorities in the way your brand goes about business. Your brand is your reputation and your audience will remember their experience.


| 1.5 | Audience

Knowing who your audience is, is not simply about their demographics. You need to understand their wants, needs & problems to resonate with them in a way that they want.

| 1.6 | Competition

Knowing your competitive landscape is crucial when determining where you will sit. What are your competitors giving your audience and what can you improve upon?

| 1.7 | Differentiator

Where you are different will determine the position you will take in the mind of your audience. You can only be one thing in their mind. What will they remember your brand for?

| 1.8 | Personality

Your audience wants to see themselves in your brand which happens through personality. The aspirations of your audience (who they aspire to be) hold the key.

| 1.9 | Core Message (Framework)

Most businesses fail not because of their product or service, but the way they communicate what they do and how they can help. Our framework simplifies your brand message so your audience quickly understands where you fit into their lives and what the difference you will make. From your elevator pitch to your website copy, this process works.