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Project Description

Susan Collins – Home of Hair

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Susan Collins is an up and coming Hair Stylist based in Dublin, Ireland. Susan runs her own salon while also appearing in her role as a stylist on national television shows.

Susan came to us requiring a new brand for her salon. She had already built brand equity in her name through the years and wanted to elevate her new salon on that equity. Apart from the requirement of her name within thew brand, the brief was also to focus on the feeling of “Home”. As Susan had started her independent career working from her own home, her clientele had become accustomed to the homey feeling Susan had created.


We were provided with a highly detailed overview of Susans clientele, given she knows them so well. This allowed us to hone is on appeal while alos catering to Susans personal taste.

Typography was the initial focus of the primary brand name. A traditional serif from from the Didone era provided us with a sense of traditionalism in a modern space. Slight adjustments to this type gave us a little more edge and distinctiveness.


  • Logo Design

  • Colour Palette

  • Typography

  • Image Style

  • Collateral Design

  • Brand Execution

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