Project Description

Immajin Mobile

Branding | Brand Naming | Brand Development | Digital | Advertising


An unnamed technology company came to us in need of both a brand name and visual identity. The owners wanted to appeal to a young market (18-34) primarily while not distancing themselves from the older (35-54) market. They wanted their brand to represent ‘Modern’ ‘Simple’, ‘Premium’, ‘Young’.


The Immajin Mobile name was born following a review of the world’s competitors and an exhaustive list of keywords, their meanings and the mission statement of the company.


  • Audience

  • Competition

  • Differentiator

  • Personality

  • Core Message

  • Logo Design

  • Image Style

  • Typography

  • Colour Palette

  • Digital Assets

immajin-mobile-background-3immajin mobile logoimmajin mobile background-3.2immajin billboardimmajin Business Cards mockimmajin billboardimmajin Bilboard 1
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