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Project Description

Burmudo Gaming

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With a young and entrepreneurial leadership team, Burmudo Gaming came to Iconic Fox with ambition. As gamers, they recognised the lack of a platform dedicated to the growing and passionate gaming community, that would focus on the pre-used gaming market for both hardware and software.

They wanted to fill that gap with a custom built platform and new brand to encapsulate excitement and energy. For gamers to associate their brand with a passion for gaming and the leaders as “one of them”, rebelling against the corporate middle man.


Our research on the audience uncovered stereotypes as well as left field contributors, opening the strategy to a broader gamer base. The rebellious stance appeared a common trait given throughout the community, which was further integrated into the market position.

Burmudo Website


  • Audience

  • Competition

  • Differentiator

  • Personality

  • Core Message

  • Custom Website

  • Brand Identity

  • Image Style

  • Colour Palette

  • Digital Assets

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