Colour in Branding [INFOGRAPHIC]

Choosing the colour for your brand has got to be the easiest part of creating a small business right?

Your favourite colour has always been blue plus some of the biggest companies in the world have blue branding so why fix something that’s not broken?

Done, Blue it is (Tick! productivity is through the roof today).

Ok, wait, back it up for a second.

Now, I’m sure you didn’t think when you got into business that becoming a colour psychologist was part of the deal.

That said, if you understand your audience, the position you want to take in the market and the personality you want to adopt, then you should understand which colours that are best suited to your objective.

This infographic will give you a great starting point to help you extract some insight for your strategic colour decision for your brand.

iconic fox colour in branding infographic

Stephen is a passionate Brand Creator and Founder of Iconic Fox Brand Agency. With a background in both financial markets and design, he is well positioned on brand strategy and creative and is passionate about both. Stephen has been featured on Marketo, Hubspot, Inside Small Business, Creative Bloq and more for his expertise on brand strategy and creative.

He’s also a friendly chap so if there’s something you want to know about brand, he’d be happy to get into it with you

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