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What is surprising to our clients is the approach we take in passing on our branding knowledge to make them better brand managers.

Yes, our passion and skills for strategy and creative means we produce great work, we love what we do and our clients are happy. But are they happy because we’re passionate and skillful….? No.

They’re happy because of they know they have found a committed partner, have achieved a brand they are proud of and have acquired the knowledge, through our processes, to better understand and manage that brand.

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When you engage Iconic Fox, you will get a project partner that truly takes the time to really understand what your objectives are…Their process really works.

Anthony Karam – Principal / Director, Cassius Mining

You have created a seamless progression on my end making my job less stressful. You have a passion for your business and love what you do.!

Thomas Delalis – Director, Burmudo Gaming

The end product is amazing,
we have had so many compliments!

Tom Sweeney – Founder, Crew Consulting

I am so so happy that I found Iconic Fox!
They will over deliver 🙂

Gabi Oporto – Owner, Bakealicious

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Quick Brief



Listening is a lost art in any business. Too often we think we know the answer to the question before the question has even been asked.

What we want, is to know about your business and your obstacles from your perspective. The questions we ask will prompt a deeper level of thought for the evolution of your brand and the strategic and creative approach will be highly influenced by your input.

We dive into what we want to uncover through this listening phase and why, as well as how the information we extract will influence the work.


Once we have listened to your input and extracted the required information, we begin to paint a picture of your market landscape through research. This phase is all about understanding.

Understanding your audience, competitors and differentiators, uncovers a map of your market landscape, which we will use when determining your market position. Understanding why your audience should choose you over your competitors, sets the tone for the positioning and communication.

When making day to day decisions for your brand, it is important to understand your audience, differentiators and position to ensure your message is consistent and on-point. We take the time to dive into each of these areas, arming you with important knowledge for decision making.


When we have an understanding of your market landscape, we can begin to assess how your brand will fit into that landscape. The information we have gathered will be scrutinised and analysed to ensure all of the conditions are considered before strategy commences. First understanding and then analysing your market landscape, provides clarity when it comes to the brand strategy.

It’s important to constantly analyse your market conditions and respond to changes as you manage your brand. Through our discussions and considerations, you will form an understanding of this analysis process. This will allow you to stay on top of market changes and adjust your course if the need arises.


Once there is clarity in the overall market landscape, from your audience to you competitors and all of the other factors in play, it’s time to position your brand in the market. When you know your audience (in detail), your competitors (their strengths and weaknesses), and you differentiator (what you want your audience to associate with your brand), then you can start to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Our brand message framework will allow us to construct exactly how you will speak to your audience. From this process, your message will be clear, concise and memorable.

We uncover what your audience really wants and exactly how to resonate with them through your message. This framework and knowledge will be invaluable to you and your business as you manage your brand and your ongoing communication with your audience.


Your brand strategy will be the foundation for executing your brand. Your brand identity will be based on your audience and what you want them to associate your brand with. Your buyer persona uncovers your audiences aspirations which will help to define your brand personality.

Your brand personality will be portrayed visually through image style, typography, colour palette, graphic elements and of course your logo. Our creatives will craft an identity that your audience can see themselves in, which will be applied consistently throughout your collateral, from your website to your business cards.

Through the execution phase, you will see how your strategy and identity combine to send out a targeted message to your audience. You will see the importance of alignment and how every element of your brand, work together to strive for the same goal. To resonate with your audience.


Once your brand becomes part of your market landscape, it’s not something that you leave to its own devices. Your brand is a living, breathing part of your business, that needs constant monitoring and nurturing. Through the Iconic Fox process, you will be positioned well to manage your brand on a day to day basis. We will also be on-hand to advise you on bigger brand decisions and to assist with constant brand monitoring and execution requirements.

We will act as your branding partner, offer you advice and help you upgrade your branding knowledge so you have the tools to manage your brand successfully.


We all connect with personalities,
not features or benefits
Follow the 4-Step Process to give your brand a personality with opinions and attitude that your audience will remember.